A brand new blog for J2150!

The articles assigned for reading this week covered many conversational hot topics including:

  • ambitious, realistic advice for young journalism students
  • the changing face and personalization of social networks
  • the importance of a valued online audience

No matter your age, major or if you have absolutely no idea what you want to do for a future career, the advice offered in the first bullet, by Robert Niles, is honest and inspiring. His blunt words encourage what is capable, underestimated and grossly undertaken by students and young adults everywhere. Ambition, passion and the courage to start today is what powers people forward and onto their goals. Or if that doesn’t sell you, how about the increased possibility of securing a job in an overpopulated labor force and exhausted economy? Read it!

On another note, across the world countries censor the online usage and communication that is available to the public. Britain, a country not so unlike our own, is holding discussions regarding the limiting of social networks in attempts to curb crime and civil unrest. Meanwhile, here in the U.S., the Chicago Tribune has created a widely popular character, Colonel Tribune. He is the gentlemanly face of a news source providing Twitter followers with a more personal attachment.
It speaks miles of our liberties as citizens of the U.S. that our personal voices are not only heard but also encouraged by the online world. Every single person with access to the web is a journalist. News and gossip is available in record speed before the well known organizations can get their breaking news out.

We’re starting at the bottom of the ladder here as aspiring journalism students at Mizzou, but with overqualified professors excited to teach us, and students from around the world ready to dive into the hands on, real-world experience that the Missouri School of Journalism offers, a simple blog will be one of many ways that I (hopefully!) pave my own path in this career.

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